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!!!!! Privacy Policy for the TrueB2B Application
           Last updated: April20, 2024
             1. General Provisions
             This Privacy Policy describes how the TrueB2B application processes your personal data, such as contacts in your phone. We respect your privacy and ensure the protection of your personal information.
             2. Collection and Use of Information
             The TrueB2B application does not collect personal information from your device and does not require access to the internet. All data processed within the application is stored and remains on your device.
             3. Contact Management
             TrueB2B provides functions for organizing contacts, exporting them in various formats, and local transmission between devices. All these operations are carried out exclusively on your device, and no data is transmitted to third parties or the developer.
             4. Security
             We apply reasonable security measures to protect your data within the application. However, please note that we cannot guarantee absolute security of information on your device.
             5. Changes to Privacy Policy
             We may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. The latest version is always available in the application.
             6. Contact Access Management
             Access Management: You can control your device's access to contacts through the application settings. Please note that we do not have access to your contacts. All information remains locally on your device and is not transmitted to us or third parties.
              7. Contact information
             For any questions or queries related to your data or privacy policy, please contact our support
team at: info@f-tracker.online. !!!!!!!
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